[Samba] SAMBA PDC Win7 Problem

Dennis Greiner d.greiner at highvillage.de
Mon Nov 2 09:20:07 MST 2009

Hello everybody,

I was playing around a few days with getting a samba PDC up with support for
windows 7 Clients.

I got it working, the clients can connect to the PDC and login.

I've tested Roaming profiles and local profiles everything seems to work
like charm.

But there is one more Problem I can't locate.

When the Win7 clients try to login WITHOUT a network connection to the
server, he gains a error that there is no Login Server who can take care of.

I've checked the Requirements in the Windows Registry but everything is set
to Cache the login, so for me it should work.

Anyone got an idea what this can be? Can anyone point me in the way where to

My samba version is:

~# smbcontrol -V
Version 3.4.2

Hoping for someone who can help me

kind regards

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