[Samba] Is building a load balance setup like this workable?

Jack Downes jax at nwmt.us
Sun May 31 05:28:50 GMT 2009

Okay, before anything else, all I'm using samba for is a "Windows 
looking" frontend to cups.  Eg, so the users don't know I'm getting rid 
of the windows 2003 printserver and replacing it with a pair of linux 
printservers (Samba/Cups)

I'd like to have 2 (or 3) printservers, all the same build of linux 
(debian), cloned, etc.

users will be able to go to \\printserver and it'll pull up one of,, etc.

Right now this works fine.  I've been serving over 505 printers on this 
now for 6 months and it's a good thing.  The issue I have is growing 
this to more than two servers - what if I want to have 5 servers, etc.

So, to my way of thinking, I'll have an nfs mount that is shared amongst 
all the servers - /var/cache/samba, /etc/samba, /etc/cups, 
/var/lib/samba, etc - whatever it is that samba changes.

Now... I'm guessing I'll need a filesystem able to deal with multiple 
servers using that mount as r/w, so maybe it'll be an iscsi mount with 
the right fs. 

Anyway, what I'm after is to make changes to one server and have it 
propagate to all servers.  i'm not concerned if I need to have a 
"special" server that I make the changes to, or if it's just that I can 
make changes to any in the"cluster".  i'm hesitant to actually call this 
a cluster as I'm not quite sure it's what I'm after.

anyway, anyone have suggestions for how to get this done?


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