[Samba] Problems starting Server 2008 x64 after added to samba domain

Robert Ludvik robert.ludvik at zd-lj.si
Sat May 30 13:54:25 GMT 2009

Christian Weiligmann pravi:
> Am Freitag, den 29.05.2009, 21:42 +0200 schrieb Robert Ludvik:
>> Hi
>> I have a problem with Windows Server Ent (and Std) 2008 x64 running on 
>> IBM Blade Center. I can add it to the Samba domain but when I restart 
>> it, it comes to "Applying computer settings..." and if I connect with 
>> rdesktop I can see a screen saying "Please wait for the group policy 
>> client" and after some minutes it restarts. I can boot it in Safe mode, 
>> remove from domain and it will start with no problem.
>> I have no issues with Server 2008 Ent 32 bit running on PC.
>> Any ideas where can I look for help? I installed all updates and SP2 ...
>> Robert Ludvik
> Hello Robert,
> excuse me for my english i am german people and my english is very terrible.
> Can you tell me, what is your gateway an the 2008 Server? the gateway looks to the samba domaincontroller?
> If not please configure that and test again.
> please tell me that.

Hi Christian.
PDC  is in network, Server 2008 is in network (gateway, there is a VPN between (over 100 
Mbps copper), firewall allows all traffic between these two networks, I 
can ping and telnet to all open ports on PDC. Three is also an BDC in 
the network. I use Fedora DS for LDAP and Samba 3.3. on 
both machines (PDC and BDC). I can add Server to domain with no problem.
Can this be related with x64 server version? I don't have these problems 
on Server 2008 32-bit in the same environment.

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