[Samba] disconnect a user

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Thu May 28 00:07:03 GMT 2009

Marc Fromm wrote:
> I need to disconnect some samba connections to my linux redhat server.
> I searched online and found these two tips but neither work:
> 1. Set the deadtime parameter to specific time in the smb.conf file
> my smb.conf file does not have the parameter deadtime listed
> 2. Use kill command to kill the smbd PID.
> Kill -15 <PID>
> I tried that and after killing my own connection I could still open and save files to the samba share that I had connected to.
> Is there a command that I can use to disconnect a user's samba connection?
Change their password or disable their account, then kill any processes 
they have running.
Unless you do that, Windows will just reconnect anyway.


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