[Samba] Permissions and security

Dennis Duggen dennis at riberhusprivatskole.dk
Tue May 26 09:13:13 GMT 2009

Hi list

I have trouble setting up the system permissions to be secure. Here my
basic setup.

2 groups: users and staff

/home/user should have the permissions user:users rwx------
/mnt/staff should have the permissions user:staff rwxrwx---
For the last one users should'nt have access.

I test with fx.: user=staffuser, primarygroup: users, member of group: staff

If i setup the permissions to the above suggested i can create files but
can't change them. So it seems i have the right permissions to create
files but afterwards i don't. The files are created with the right
permissions, username and group: staffuser:staff.
So why can't the staffuser who is in the staff group access the files
after initial creation.

The only solution i could find was to set permissions to 777. And that
can't be right.

My smb.conf: http://pastebin.com/m4a04dfd2

Thanks in advance.


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