[Samba] Client driver installation

Gary L. Greene, Jr. greeneg at altimatos.com
Wed May 20 22:27:05 GMT 2009

I've an OpenSuSE based server installed at work that uses Samba to share out the
prrinters for our users on the AD that will be replacing our aging Windows 2000
print server. I'm in the process of getting the printer drivers installed for
Windows clients. At present, I'm installing the drivers for the RICOH Aficio we
have. When I run the following command: 

printmaster:/var/lib/samba/drivers/W32X86 # rpcclient -U ggreene -c
"adddriver 'Windows NT x86'
3" printmaster

I get the following output:
result was

With the logging output of the
printdrivers set to 10, I get the following from the logs:
14:51:58,  0] printing/nt_printing.c:move_driver_to_download_area(1931)
  move_driver_to_download_area: Unable to rename [W32X86/RIC641K.DLL] to

Any help would be appreciated as I'm trying to
get this done ASAP.

Gary L. Greene, Jr.

Project Lead and Developer for the AltimatOS Project. 
Developer for the KDE Project.

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