[Samba] Users can't login on Samba+Ldap

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Tue May 19 17:51:58 GMT 2009

> nss_base_passwd        ou=Computers,dc=DOMAIN,dc=IT?one
> should be 
> nss_base_hosts        ou=Computers,dc=DOMAIN,dc=IT?one

No, it shouldn't. From the point of view of a Windows domain, computers 
are users too. The Samba manual even makes a joke about that, saying 
that "computers are people too". Some people in fact put the domain 
computers together with the users under a OU called "People" or "Users".

Of course, inside your LDAP database you can choose to put the computers 
in a OU called "hosts". But then the entry above would be:

nss_base_passwd        ou=hosts,dc=DOMAIN,dc=IT?one

I am right now using a Samba PDC with the above configuration and it is 
working perfectly.

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