[Samba] Samba's incorrect handling of LDAP ppolicy responses (yes, again)

Ryan Steele ryans at aweber.com
Tue May 19 13:31:30 GMT 2009

Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 01:36:12PM -0400, Ryan Steele wrote:
>> Probably beating a dead horse, but is it still the case (as it has been 
>> for several years) that Samba incorrectly handles responses from LDAP's 
>> ppolicy overlay?
> As we are working more actively with bugzilla again now, can
> you please file a bug report as an enhancement?
> Thanks,
> Volker

No problem.  To the 3.4 branch or the 4.0?  Also, as I stated before, 
I'm more than happy to help in any way I can.

Ryan Steele
Systems Administrator

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