[Samba] 14.4G samba filesystem limit?

Edward Ned Harvey samba at nedharvey.com
Tue May 19 13:09:07 GMT 2009

I have a share on a disk with 120G free.  But for some reason, all my CIFS
clients report only 14.4G empty.  Depending on what I'm trying to do with
the share, the client may happily ignore the supposed free space limitation,
but some programs actually give me a warning and refuse to work, "Error,
this operation requires 18G but the destination only has 14.4G free..."


If I force the operation to happen, it will happily write 18G or whatever
... and then it will still report 14.4G free.


Anybody have any idea where this 14.4G number is coming from, or how to
correct it?


My server is the latest release of Solaris (which is 10u6 ( akaSolaris 10
10/08)) running the version of samba that ships with it.  (Not the built-in
cifs kernel module; I am actually using samba).  


My clients are Vista 64 and Windows XP Pro 32bit.


Please let me know if any further details might be helpful ...  Thanks for
any pointers...


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