[Samba] now I really may have a problem, yuck

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at mac.com
Mon May 18 21:17:32 GMT 2009


Well I ordered a Windows Server 2008 Standard for a need around here and
after just spending an hour with Dell support (nice fellow, not his fault)
I find that now the 2008 Server is too *new* for the Samba NT4 PDC model.

I got this box joined fine with my domain, but any time I try to log
into it over RDP, and the new box authenticates with samba (and samba
talks to OpenLDAP) the box boots with an 'lsass' error.

The Dell fellow has two suggestions, either redesign my network to use
AD instead of OpenLDAP moving the PDC away from samba, or create and use
local accounts on the new box. Local accounts is what I've been getting
away from.

Any thoughts, suggestions, help on how to make this new box work with
samba or a different direction I should go?


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