[Samba] Timing in a script

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Fri May 15 15:04:00 GMT 2009

Hallo, Pete,

Du meintest am 15.05.09:

> I am trying to write a script in which I can add users and their
> samba passwords easily and quickly.  It looks something like:   

> useradd -c "User Name" -g groupname -p unixpassword accountname

>    echo -e "smbpassword\nsmbpassword\n" | pdbedit -a -t -u
> accountname

> If
> I type the lines from the keyboard, it works fine.  However, when I
> try to execute the script, the pdbedit on the second line reports
> that there's no unix accountname to apply to samba.  I assume that
> this is because the useradd process hasn't finished when the pdbedit
> is executed. 

Maybe - sometimes I put a "sleep 30" between these 2 lines. "sleep 10"  
wasn't always long enough.
Strange. Nasty.

Viele Gruesse!

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