[Samba] Samba User password problem

Chris Roubekas croubekas at gmail.com
Thu May 14 06:52:21 GMT 2009

Dear list,

I have recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 Server on a machine which I want to be
a domain controler for a small network of 5 PCs, each of them running WinXP
Pro SP2.

I have read and followed all the instructions on Samba's site and have
generated machine trust accounts and usernames/passwords for the users of
the local net. There is no firewall installed on Ubuntu.

Althought I have done this task a few times by now for various networks, the
odd thing about this installation is that the passwords that the users use
keep "reseting", meaning that although I set the passwords for them with
smbpasswd -a username and then input their passwords and the users do not
change them, after a few successful logins, WinXP complains that
username/password might be incorect.

What I have done that seems to work is to execute a "smbpasswd username" and
place the same passwd again which seems to solve the issue, but for only a
few logins.

I have tried to re-join the computers to the domain and the process of
joining runs smoothly without any errors. However after a few logins, the
problem prevails.

Samba version is 3.0.28a.
Passwd backend is smbpasswd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this server is a production server
and users keep sending requests that their passwds don't work and I have
re-set their passwords almost on a daily basis.

Thank you !!

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