[Samba] Basic Samba Server Global Options

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Thu May 14 02:56:19 GMT 2009

Wayne Hammond wrote:
> I have a few OpenSuse Samba Servers. They are all stand alone File 
> Servers.
> All the Clients are Windows XP.
> The Server and Clients are set up as a Workgroup.
> Usually no more than 15 Clients.
> The Samba Server is setup as the Master Browser, but as I
> read more about suggested options it becomes a little confusing.
> OS Level, ACL, etc...
> One shop loses connection to Samba Server frequently throughout the day.
> Before I debug that...
> I like some suggestions for the recommended Global Options in
> this kind of basic file server environment.
> Thank you....
There is a good chance that your distribution already sets up reasonable 
defaults. However, you may want to set up SWAT to administer Samba. 
Among its strengths is a good help system that goes into a reasonable 
amount of detail about the various options.

As for losing connections, you may want to set the log level to 10 then 
see what gets reported (restart Samba after changing the log level).

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