[Samba] Multithreaded SAMBA/Winbind

Chuck Noga - CAN CAN at DJJ.com
Mon May 11 16:21:34 GMT 2009

We have a configuration and audit application called Tripwire Enterprise
(7.5) that is running on a Red Enterprise Linux 5.2 server.  On this
server, we are using winbind (samba version 3.0.33) for authentication
(against Windows AD).  When we try to run a configuration check on users
and permissions we get an error that there is a problematic frame :  C
[libnss_winbind.so.2+0x129f]  .    I talked to the software vendor
(Tripwire) and they are saying that the winbind must be multithreaded
for this to run.   My question to you..  Is there a samba release more
current than the version we are on (3.0.33  most currently supported Red
Hat version) that we can upgrade to to give us multithreading
functionality ?   or is there a suggested workaround for this ?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Noga
The David J. Joseph Company 
Sys. Infra.  Engineer.

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