[Samba] Re: TYPO: The Official Samba 3.2.x HOWTO and Reference Guide

John H Terpstra - Samba Team jht at samba.org
Tue May 12 06:06:43 GMT 2009

oota at mail.linux.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp wrote:
> I had translated TOSHARG into Japanese. 

Congratulations. Thank you.  Is it available in PDF?  Can you provide
any URLs that we can add to the Samba web site?

> I found TYPO in the paragraph of "About the Cover Artwork". 
> The contents are as follows. 

Thanks for pointing out those typos.  I will look into this as soon as I
get a moment to do so.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> the actions of those who have travelled lifes' road before us, 
>                                         ------
>                                         life's
>  that made possible the rapid progres we are beneficiaries of today. 
>                               -------
>                               progress
> MS-DOS was seen as a tool that liberated users from the tyrany of large computer
>                                                         ------
>                                                         tyranny
> and that made possible the rapid progres we are beneficiaries of today
>                                  -------
>                                  progress
> may be better recogized as the chilly winds of the night. 
>               ---------
>               recognized
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> By the way, is TOSHARG GPL? 

The Prentice Hall book is proprietary, but the contents are under the
GPL.  The latest version of this is available from:


I expect that this will be updated again within the next month or so.

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