[Samba] Re: Re: net vampire and WIn2003 AD

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Mon May 11 11:14:30 GMT 2009

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> > > Hello Samba People,
> > >
> > > it is my first letter to Samba ML, so first of all - thanks Samba team
> > for
> > a
> > > great SW.
> > >
> > > Now the question:
> > > I want to migrate from Win2003 AD to Samba 3.3.2. I want to use net
> > vampire
> > > feature to import all account information (is there any other way to
> > > it?).
> >
> > When last I checked, net vampire only worked with Windows NT 4.
> > migration from Windows 200x is only expected with Samba 4.
> >
> >
> Are you saying, that I should forget for now migration from AD? It is a
> then.
> Liutauras

There is one option you can try.  I have read of it but never tried it.

The directory structure of Active Directory is based on LDAP technology.
Microsoft has a document entitled "Active Directory LDAP Compliance" which
explains this.

Active Directory contains a tool called LDIFDE which can be used to export
AD objects to a ldif file.  Go to http://support.microsoft.com/ and do a
search for "ldif" to find some documentation.  The LDAP naming conventiions
for AD are different from OpenLDAP so I suspect you will have to edit the

I guess you would need to use the dos2linux command to change the file to a
format Linux could use.  You would then need to find and replace things like
the object's SID.

Let me know how it works out.  Just one of those things I have never gotten
around to testing.

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