[Samba] password change not working after OS update

Elias Knuutila elias at elekno.fi
Mon May 11 09:06:45 GMT 2009

I got the password syncing to work somehow by editing the passwd chat
option according my local language. Default didn't work because
environment variable LANG=fi_FI.UTF-8 seems to be present and effects
/usr/bin/passwd so that the questions and answers are presented in my
own language.

But now, if I change password in Windows User manager or XP client via
CTRL-ALT-DEL, everything seems to go fine first. It reports success. And
I can login to samba with the new password next time. But unix password
of the user becomes unfunctional. When I try to login to server machine
locally or via ssh, new password doesn't work. If I change it again as
user root, it works. I can see in /etc/shadow, that Samba really edits
the password, but the result is not correct.


Charles Marcus kirjoitti:
> On 5/6/2009, Elias Knuutila (elias at elekno.fi) wrote:
>> I have problem with client password chat with Samba (3.0.24) PDC on
>> Suse after updating OS to service pack 1.
> Problems like this are usually better answered on the SuSE (or whatever
> distro) list, as it is more often than not a distro/packaging problem as
> opposed to a general samba bug...

I have problem with client password chat with Samba (3.0.24) PDC on Suse
after updating OS to service pack 1. The problem prevents client from
changing own password in Windows, plus other things to do with password,
like adding user with Windows User manager. Samba password is to be
synced with unix password in my configuration.

Following errors are found in log.smbd when trying to add new user:

new account added - account=testuser, uid=1046, gid=100,
home=/home/testuser, shell=/bin/false, by=0
account added to group - account=testuser, group=users, gid=100, by=0
home directory created - account=testuser, uid=1046,
home=/home/testuser, by=0
running USERADD_CMD command - script=/usr/sbin/useradd.local,
account=testuser, uid=1046, gid=100, home=/home/testuser, by=0
pam_pwcheck(samba:chauthtok): conversation failed
[2009/05/06 09:54:55, 0] auth/pampass.c:smb_pam_chauthtok(692)
PAM: UNKNOWN PAM ERROR (19) for User: testuser
[2009/05/06 09:54:55, 0] auth/pampass.c:smb_pam_passchange(848)
smb_pam_passchange: PAM: Password Change Failed for user testuser!
running USERDEL_PRECMD command - script=/usr/sbin/userdel-pre.local,
account=testuser, uid=1046, gid=100, home=/home/testuser, by=0

relevant lines in smb.conf:

unix password sync = yes
pam password change = yes
encrypt passwords = yes

and pam_pwcheck.conf:

password:       minlen=6 no_obscure_checks use_cracklib nullok

Configuration hasn't been changed since OS update, and password change
worked fine before that.

Thanks in advance,


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