Fw: [Samba] HP Laserjet Printer Installation

amit.anjarlekar at tcs.com amit.anjarlekar at tcs.com
Fri May 8 12:54:09 GMT 2009

Hi Charles,
I think u have taken wrong meaning of word 'new-to-linux'. I have cleared
RHCE & having good knowledge of all the applications used in linux
including samba. I tried a lot & got different suggestions, but unable to
conclude. So finally written as confused!! Please guide me as per my
problem if anybody have any idea.

Thanks & Regards
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On 5/8/2009, amit.anjarlekar at tcs.com (amit.anjarlekar at tcs.com) wrote:
> Pls guide as i m new to linux.

Sorry, I feel your pain, but this is not a 'new-to-linux' group, this is
for discussing problems with samba.

You need to learn how to for help in the appropriate place - in this
case, a place for basic linux help/questions...

A good place to start is the user forums/lists for your linux distribution.


Best regards,



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