[Samba] Samba and LDAP

Christian Rost cr at rocon-it.de
Fri May 8 07:44:45 GMT 2009

>I am trying to set up an additional domain server within  my network
>using SAMBA and LDAP.  There's a problem that I think is with LDAP.  If
>any of you have set up a system like this, I would appreciate your
What does your current setup look like? What have you already established?

>Question # 1:  My PDC, which controls the domain and SAMBA, should
>clearly use LDAP server.  Should the additional server use SAMBA server
>or client?  Workstations will sign onto the domain and then onto shares
>on both the PDC and the additional server.
LDAP and Samba is much like AD and Windows-Servers, only with the old Domain like PDC/BDC setup instead of the DC setup. By using LDAP you can share e.g. user, group, machine accounts between different linux/ samba servers. So you only have to add/change/modify the LDAP based data once and it will be distributed to all participating linux servers.

>Question # 2:  If I copy the / directory to a flash drive, can I just
>copy it back to the hard drive if I end up with a configuration
>impossibility?  I've had to reload the system once already because of
>LDAP configuration problems, and I'd rather not do it again.
>The SAMBA shares on the PDC are working fine.  But I can't share thing
>on the other server unless I set up a smbpasswd set, and that's a pain.
Well, you copied your configuration to the second server? Did you configure your LDAP-server to replicate data with each other? 

You only need to backup you /etc directory, because that's where the configuration is stored. If you misconfigured something, you can easily go back to the previous state by restoring the old configuration files.



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