[Samba] samba on mipsel board

Mahmood Javed mahmood at wonderbox.net
Thu May 7 14:08:46 GMT 2009

Earlier this week I asked the following question:

******************************************** Original Question 
I have cross compiled samba to a mipsel board. I could access the shares 
from another linux machine using smbmount, and from a mac OSX machine. 
But, I can not modify files from an XP machine. I could successfully 
mount the shares, but if I open, say a text file from the XP in notepad 
and try to modify it, it generates an error "not enough storage is 
available  to process this command". And if I open it with Wordpad, it 
would not even open, the error is "An Unexpected error occured while 
reading \\Blackboxone\public\dummy.txt".


The problem is resolved now. It was the file locking; the notepad and 
the wordpad on XP cannot cope with locked files. So I just disabled the 
file locking in my smb.conf using the following options on per share basis:

        locking = no
        oplocks = False
        level2 oplocks = False

I am a happy man now.


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