[Samba] unable to map to share

McGranahan, Jamen jamen.mcgranahan at Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue May 5 16:01:45 GMT 2009

Here's the new trace file. Also, a little more info: I modified the
firewall on the Samba server to allow traffic from port 139 & 445
specifically from my laptop. After restarting the firewall, I was able
to map to my Samba server using the IP address but not the fully
qualified domain name. Thought that was interesting. So I went back to
my Samba server and restored the firewall to what it had originally,
restarted it, and then could not map to my server at all (with either
the IP or the FQDN). So it looks like I may have 2 problems - DNS &

I actually used the GUI interface first, because the tshark was not
registering any data. Then I figured out why - it was looking at my VPN
(registered first in my list), which was not being used. Once I changed
this to my Ethernet card, I got data recorded.

Jamen McGranahan
Systems Services Librarian
Vanderbilt University

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On Tue, May 05, 2009 at 10:25:37AM -0500, McGranahan, Jamen wrote:
> Here it is as a txt file (I used Wireshark for this).

Ok, probably our description in the wiki sucks. Which part of it is not
clear? It says that you should issue

tshark -p -w FILENAME port 445 or port 139

where you replace FILENAME with some descriptive file name.
You sent the stdout output of tshark, which is a LOT harder to read.

How can we improve our wiki page to make it more clear that you should
NOT send any stdout output of neither tcpdump nor anything else???


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