[Samba] Enable samba BDC to allow writing to local LDAP

Leandro LATTANZIO llattan2002 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Mar 31 01:22:38 GMT 2009

How to configure smb.conf of a samba BDC server to allow that all changes (user's passwords changing, joining computers) was written to local LDAP.
I´ve set remotes LDAP's (BDCs) with multimaster configuration via syncrepl.
LDAP Multimaster feature works fine (N-way replication works perfectly)

I need this configuration to void errors when a user must to change his/her password in a remote office (BDC) connected via WAN to central office (PDC), and the link is down.

I use openldap 2.4.11 and samba 3.0.33 (on Redhat Enterprise Linux Server 5.2 x86_64)

Thanks in advance.


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