[Samba] Conflicting RID creation

Thierry Lacoste lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr
Mon Mar 30 22:16:18 GMT 2009

Quoting Miguel Medalha <miguelmedalha at sapo.pt>:

>> Is there something I can do to ensure that RID=2*UID+1000 in every case?
> See attribute "sambaAlgorithmicRidBase" under class "sambaDomain".

I don't understand. The value of this attribute is 1000 in my LDAP DB.
Changing it to say 100000 will give me RID=2*UID+100000 in the cases
where the equation is applied. No?
But the problem is that the equation is not always applied.

Do you think it will make the equation apply in the cases
that I described where the RID is obtained from the value
of sambaNextRid (e.g net rpc user add joe)?

Moreover, if I change it smbd refuses to start and
'smbpasswd -a joe' panics:

The value of 'algorithmic RID base' has changed since the LDAP
database was initialised.  Aborting.
pdb backend ldapsam:ldap://localhost did not correctly init (error was  
PANIC (pid 860): pdb_get_methods_reload: failed to get pdb methods for  
backend ldapsam:ldap://localhost

BACKTRACE: 6 stack frames:
  #0 0x816ce81 <smb_panic+125> at smbpasswd
  #1 0x8113b2a <make_pdb_method_name+1170> at smbpasswd
  #2 0x81153ba <initialize_password_db+38> at smbpasswd
  #3 0x808938c <_start+2508> at smbpasswd
  #4 0x8089bb2 <main+186> at smbpasswd
  #5 0x8088a36 <_start+118> at smbpasswd
Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)

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