[Samba] problem with the transition from winter to summer time usrmgr.exe and logon hours

Hubert Choma hubert.ch at wp.pl
Mon Mar 30 09:41:03 GMT 2009


I have usrmgr.exe (form NT server ver.5.1) to manage user accounts  of 
samba.(one year ago) I set logon hours from 8:00 to 16:00. My server 
(Fedora 7) changed the time correctly from winter to sumer (+ 1 hour).
I chenged hardware time clock -w (write system clock to hardware clock 
But users cant' login at 8:00 morning !!!! I must back logon hours one 
hour back in usrmgr from 8:00 to 7:00 and then users can login without 
the problem.

My question is why samba (tdbsam) cant change time automatically ?
Which time (UTC/GMT) logon hours uses? I think that logon hours still 
uses winter time !! Its a bug??
My serwer have got correct time zone but logon hours works with -1 hour 
back  after change to summer time!!! WHY ?????

Another problem is why samba with logon hours (8:00-16:00)
once allowed to login before 8:00 but no maps for disks , and other 
times the message is not allowed logon hours occurs and user cant login 
? WHY ???

Please help
Sorry for may english :)

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