[Samba] Re: %L substitution error

Tamás Pisch pischta at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 06:57:24 GMT 2009

>>* as I wrote some weeks ago, I walk through on the SaMBa Guide/Making
>>* users. I struggled some days with roaming profiles. The client didn't
>*> the default profile on the server (but it applied NTConfig.POL from that
>*> share). Finally I found in the windows roaming profile debug log an
>*> it always referred to \\%L\profiles. When I changed the When I set logon
>*> home parameter in smb.conf, it didn't help, but, when i used:*
>*> smbldap-usermod -F \\\\massive\\profiles\\bobj*
>>* The client applied the roaming profile successfully. I could change the*
>*> userProfile setting in smbldap.conf, but maybe it would be better to use
>*> the flexible %L substitution.*
>*> How can I avoid this fixed setting?*
>*> If you need detailed configuration info, please ask me to give it.*

*>* Oh well, every backslash has to be escaped ... so a \\\\%L\\profiles should
> work .... but better to use //%L/profiles instead.

Thanks for your answer. I tried out your suggestion, but it didn't
solve the problem. I tried the following:
smbldap-usermod -F %LOGONSERVER%\\profiles\\bobj bobj
It worked. %LOGONSERVER% is a windows environment variable. So, in
smb.conf, in the logon path parameter, I can use SaMBa variables, but
in the LDAP directory, in the sambaProfilePath parameter, I can use
Windows variables.

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