[Samba] Automatic & Permanent Disconnect of WinXP Clients

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Mar 27 23:43:19 GMT 2009

>I'd like to enable my Samba server, either by the correct choice of standard configuration 
parameters or by custom script, to permanently log off and disconnect WinXP clients that have 
been "inactive" for a specified period of time.
>>From my travels around the Web, I've seen this basic question asked by others, but no 
solutions have materialized.

This is a domain policy issue and has nothing to do (specifically)  with 
Samba.  Configure your ntconfig.pol file appropriately via POLEDIT.

>The "deadtime" and "keepalive" parameters seem intended to enhance Samba 
server performance, not permanently log off users.  

Correct.  Disconnect != Logoff.

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