[Samba] Upgrade to 3.3.2

Dave Beach drbeach at rogers.com
Fri Mar 27 11:34:37 GMT 2009

Works like a charm, thanks.

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On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 06:52:38AM -0400, Dave Beach wrote:
> I'm upgrading from 3.0.25b to 3.3.2. The package configures and makes 
> with no errors, but on restarting smbd or nmbd I get an "error while 
> loading shared libraries: libtalloc.so.1: cannot open shared object 
> file: no such file or directory".
> Both libtalloc.so and libtalloc.so.1 are in /usr/local/samba/lib, and 
> appear to be the same files as in the 3.3.2 package. Samba appears to 
> properly install in /usr/local/samba.

Please set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable so that it includes
/usr/local/samba/lib. Depending on your platform, you might alternatively
add /usr/local/samba/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and re-run ldconfig.


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