[Samba] RFE: manpage smb.conf`

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Wed Mar 25 02:45:51 GMT 2009

Under log level (debuglevel)
	there is nothing to indicate what the numbers mean, there is only the 
enumeration of debug-sections.

	While I wouldn't need what each number does in each debug area,
I did note the following helpful behavior regarding use of numbers
only (which I presume would be equal to specifying that number for 'all',
or listing out all sections).
	0 = nothing
	1 = session/workstation logins, filesystem attaches
		(i.e. ~1 cluster of msgs/workstation login)
	2 = per-file open & close (& other)...
	3 = ~11 times output in '2'...
	---- maybe sufficient ---

'1' and maybe '2' would be useful to document as useful 'features'.
And, the fact that '3' expands logging by such a large amount (well
beyond 'normal needs' by nearly any measure).


   For my 'debug' purposes (at one point),  '2' would have been
what I was looking for.  Instead, I chose '3', not realizing, until
recently, *how much*  extra*  logging info, that generated ... ;^}

-  For _my_ normal usage, maybe '1' would be reasonably what I'd
like as it gives me an idea that things are working w/basic session
connect info, but should have little impact on performance & security,
- '2, gives, at least, 1-2 hits per-file in the log (open,close & ???).
-  As for '3'(or above):   OMG!   ...
    (I don't remember 3 being so verbose at some, perhaps, distant, point
     in the past...)

Things keep changing, I know, but hard to keep even 1 finger on the pulses
of every program used.

   I like the (new?) name "debuglevel" over "log level".

It indicates more clearly that it's pretty much limited to debug,
and only coincidentally has some informational 'session-only'
log entries for hosts (at =1), and, similarly,
has (at least) open/close entries for every file access, per-host (at =2)

   Might be nice to have those levels of functionality {
     (1) Session login & filesystem attaches,  and
     (2) per-file-"audit" operations
} specified apart from debug, but that's just a 'polish' detail that
I've no idea anyone would want or need apart from a debug context
(where the levels are not documented for someone who only wanted
to turn on such basic logging levels).

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