[Samba] Is the net rpc vampire at all destructive to a NT4 PDC?

Derek Werthmuller dwerthmu at ctg.albany.edu
Tue Mar 24 18:48:07 GMT 2009

Reading through the Samba3 -By Example guide and I'm confused with the
statement section 9.2
about accessing the SAM and Security sections of the registry will render
the PDC non operable.
Its clear from the text if you go and edit the registry(regedit etc..) so
you can read the entries your PDC will not work.

What's not exactly clear is if any of the tools like net rcp vampire or
getsid tools change the operation of the PDC in this way or any other way
for that mater.  The net rcp tools don't access the registry in this
destructive way do they?
# net rpc vampire -S TRANSGRESSION -U Administrator%not24get >
/tmp/vampire.log 2>1

Is it safe to run the net rpc vampire command on a PDC as many times as you
want in effort to test the NT4 -> samba PDC?  While keeping the NT4 PDC in
production mode?
With the goal of test the full operation of the migrated PDC on a separate


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