[Samba] samba4:login works, but domain not found afterwards

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Sun Mar 22 14:00:57 GMT 2009

Hi there,
I am trying to work trough the samba4 tutorial.

What I did so far downloading samba, and updating it afterwards with git pull.

I did compile and install samba 4, and added the base user database with
I can start samba 4 and and use smbclient //localhost/test -Uadministrator%XXX
which puts me at the smb: \> prompt.

I did *not* configure the Step 8 (Optional): Configure Server-side DNS
as I could not convince named to work with the suggested
	tkey-gssapi-credential "DNS/redcor.home";
	tkey-domain "REDCOR.HOME";
entries in options.

on the windows xp I could join the domain REDCOR.HOME and log into the domain as
however the logingin in is *very* slow (some minutes), and afterwards all
attempts to deal with the domain end in a "domain not found" error.

for instance dsa.msc needs some 30 secs to start with an error: "naming
information can not be located because the domain name does not exist or no
connection could be established"

in the msc console I can browse for a domain, and will get "redcor.home" after a
lengthy period, but can not use it.

what should I do, to find/fix the problem?


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