[Samba] trouble with winbind on Centos 5.2

Matthias Grimm eisofen at eisofen.de
Sat Mar 21 20:32:01 GMT 2009

I'll give it a try, since I'll need samba with ctdb-support for further
cluster testing anyways :)

But maybe there was something missing or went wrong without notice when
sernet (no offence) built the packages for CentOS 5. May the fault is on
my side, since I use packages from -plus. ;)


Peter Rosenthal schrieb:
> I'm might be wrong but it looks like the rpm binary you have is not
> compatible. I built my own from source easily enough. Grab the tarball from
> samba.org and extract:
> samba-3.3.2/packaging/RHEL
> ./makerpms.sh
> You'll obviously need compiler, rpm-build package and any dependencies the
> rpm build process complains about.
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