[Samba] smbd cannot be killed

Sergey Manucharian sergey at ingeniware.com
Thu Mar 19 22:58:13 GMT 2009

Hello folks,

I'm new to this list. Before posting this I tried to search the
archives, but couldn't find anything relevant - so excuse me if it's
been discussed already.

I run a server with Archlinux and Samba 3.2.5 as PDC for ~30
Windows workstations. I have a share containing a CRM-like system with
whole bunch of DB files and Windows executables (GoldMine). People run
the executables remotely from that share, and regularly it works
properly. But once in a week it stops working - the DB program cannot
access some files in the share, and also I cannot restart the Samba -
several instances of smbd continue running and even "kill -9 smbd"
doesn't help. After I restart the system in such cases everything
starts working properly.

I've checked the number of open files - it doesn't seem to be too large,
and only 5-6 people can run that DB interface simultaneously.

Could somebody point the direction I should go to catch the actual


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