[Samba] Upgrade Samba Server Operating System version

guido at lorenzutti.com.ar guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Wed Mar 18 08:53:18 GMT 2009

> Hi all,
> I'm using Samba 3.0.24-6etch10 in Debian Etch 64bit with kernel Linux
> 2.6.18-6-amd64.
> I'm planning to upgrade my Samba Server from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny.
> Will this affect Samba? Is it safe to perform upgrade from apt-get
> upgrade?
> Thank you all for your help.
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Hi! I have several debian etch to upgrade. But I didn't upgrade any samba
yet. I did a fresh install of a new server in Lenny and the only problem
that I have was with openldap. A few things changed in my scenario...

* In pam_ldap now is mandatory to have "ssl on" to use a ssl connection
* Slapd now is compiled agains gnutls, so you need to change the Ciphers
list in slapd.conf.

Please, post any problems. Im interested 'coz I have like ten PDC to
migrate from etch to lenny.


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