[Samba] Vampire ends with a NT_STATUS_SYNCHRONIZATION_REQUIRED error

Fabio Muzzi liste at kurgan.org
Mon Mar 16 23:16:37 GMT 2009

I am quite desperate.

I have been trying to migrate a NT4 PDC to Samba. 

At the first try, I have used samba 3.2.5, which seemed to complete the
vampire process but then I have found that there is a bug that prevents
password from being migrated properly (and in fact passwords were not
migrated properly).

Then, I have removed the Linux server from the NT domain, deleted all
TDB files, installed and compiled Samba 3.3.2 (the latest), rejoined the
domain, and now the vampire command only migrates some accounts (127 of
them) and then dies with an error:

Fetching (to passdb) DOMAIN database
[2009/03/16 23:45:28,  0] passdb/pdb_tdb.c:tdb_update_samacct_only(527)

I have seen that when I delete the linux server from the NT domain
(using the server manager in NT) it still shows up in server manager,
even if it says that it is in fact deleted, and will disappear at the
next refresh (the next refresh of what?), it never disappears.

Now, is it because of this that I get this error? Maybe the PDC thinks
that he has to synchronize something to a BDC that has been removed from
the domain?

I have googled but I have found no answers...


Fabio "Kurgan" Muzzi

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