[Samba] User home directories on a windows server question.

Derek Harkness dharknes at umd.umich.edu
Mon Mar 16 14:39:08 GMT 2009

Ya that's not really an option, I don't control the AD servers, so no  
suf or schema extensions.

But what I'm finding make it pretty clear there is no way to replace  
NFS with SMB for a large multiuser system.  I find that very  
disappointing given the age of the samba project.  I really figured  
someone would have a great solution for dropping a Linux box into a AD  
domain with no modification to the AD.

Follow question.

mount.cifs //server/share /mnt/folder -ousername=user,sec=krb5i

works okay, other then mounting as root and not enforcing perms.

mount.cifs //server/share /mnt/folder - 

returns an mount error 126 = Required key not available

Anybody got a comment?

cifs.upcall is working otherwise the first mount wouldn't work.  This  
is attempting to connect to a W2k8 server in an AD.


On Mar 14, 2009, at 05:15 AM, Per-Erik Persson wrote:

> I had a similair problem a couple of years ago.
> I tried to get the users credentials to automaticly map the
> homedirectories off the windows machine. I never got it working.
> In theory it should since the users got a kerberos ticket while they
> logged on to linux. But I could not spend to much time on it.
> The only solution I got woking was to install services for unix on the
> windowsmachine and then export the homedirectories over nfs.
> But then I had to spend time to build a script to sync userid:s  
> between
> unix and windows.
> I don't know it that works better nowdays. I assume microsoft don't  
> want
> to build a to good solutions for integrating with unix.
>> Okay I've run out of cool ideas and am hoping that someone can  
>> offer a
>> brilliant solution to this problem.
>> I'm attempting to deploy a RHEL 5.3 server as a shared ssh servers,
>> user home directories are coming off a Windows 2008 fileserver.  I
>> though autofs would be the winning solution but it doesn't/can't  
>> mount
>> the users home directory using kerberos, RedHat doesn't provide
>> pam_mount so until I build that next week I won't know how well then
>> works.
>> So does anyone have a suggest?  How do you provide smb home
>> directories on multiuser systems?
>> Thanks,
>> Derek
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