[Samba] 1MB/s gigabit transfers on dell poweredge

godwin at acp-online.co.uk godwin at acp-online.co.uk
Fri Mar 13 16:53:51 GMT 2009


I have installed samba on a dell poweredge server. It uses integrated 
NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet card. My issue is that i am getting
extremely slow speeds (about 1.2MB/s) on the gigabit network from linux as
well as windows clients using when reading from the samba share.

On the same setup (same server, client, network) using scp,rsync,nfs gives
me anything between 35-50 MB/s. So I know the network is not an issue.

Even on my test setup at home equipped with 100mbps lan I get better
speeds (5-10 mbps)

I have done scores of samba installs over the past decade but this is the
first time I am doing it on a gigabit ethernet and was shocked with the

I have also tried using a Intel etherexpress pro pci-express network card
on the server, just in case (even though other protocols seem to tranfer
fast) and no luck.

Is this an issue with samba and gigabit?
Any one using samba on gigabit and getting anything like 25-35 MB/s?
please let me know if there are any gigabit specific optimisations /


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