[Samba] Re: Samba LDAP troubleshooting

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Fri Mar 13 12:35:33 GMT 2009

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> Hello

> On the topic, anyone have a good book to recommend on Samba, I feel I am
> only using 10% of its capability and not really well at that... something
> staring me in the face and Im missing it.

The best books I have seen are the Official How To and Samba by Example.
Both are available in the Learn Samba section at www.samba.org.

You can purchase Samba by Example in book stores.  It is also available
online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Samba by Example gives you step by step instructions re: setting up various
types of Samba machines.  The Official How To explains a lot of the concepts
re:  how Samba works.

You can use Samba by Example to learn how to set up a PDC.  You can then use
the Offical How To in order to get a deeper understanding of how SID's work
or how Linux to Windows user mapping works.

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