[Samba] updating samba/ldap: do I need new attributes?

lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr
Thu Mar 12 16:14:52 GMT 2009


I plan to update my samba-3.0.22/openldap-2.3.24
to samba-3.0.34/openldap-2.4.15 and I'm currently testing it.
This is on FreeBSD.

My idea is :
1) slapcat the openldap server and save the various tdb files.
2) deinstall samba and openldap and wipe out the bdb files
3) install the newer versions
4) slapadd to the new openldap server

This seems to work in my test lab.
During my tests I also built a new domain afresh and realized that the
sambaDomainName ldap entry has some attributes that are not in my
production server: sambaMinPwdLength, sambaLogonToChgPwd,  
sambaLockoutObservationWindow, sambaLockoutThreshold, sambaForceLogoff.

Do I have to add these attributes to my ldif file before slapadd?
More generally, do I have to add some attributes to my ldap entries?


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