[Samba] Something weird about pdbedit.

BOURIAUD david.bouriaud at ac-rouen.fr
Wed Mar 11 14:38:45 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 11 March 2009 14:51:25 Harry Jede wrote:

Hello !
First of all, thanks for your answer, even if it doesn't help much.

> First things first: Read the f... manual

That's what I did, after I made my mistake. 

> - you should not have 2 groups with the same gidNumber

Forgive me if my question was not asked correctly. So I will try to make it 
clearer : which gid should I change then ? The one from the unix group or the 
one of the samba group ? Are there rules to do so (I mean reserved numbers, 
limits for the gid, things like this) ?

> - sambaLMPassword & sambaNTPassword do not hold the password in ascii,
> both must contain password hashes

I hope you were joking. I said I obfuscated what had no point with the 
question, and password hashes were replaced with "PLOP" in my previous mail 
> Go back, and take some time to read the docs

That's what I keep doing, anyway.

Thanks for your answer and have a nice day.
> --
> Gruss
> 	Harry Jede

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