[Samba] samba doesn't release external usb device

Pol Hallen samba at fuckaround.org
Tue Mar 10 19:35:21 GMT 2009

HI all :-)

Using debian stable (samba version 2:3.2.5-4 ) often I mount ntfs partition 
(using mount.ntfs-3g) of a usb external disk. So I can access from my lan to 
this usb disk.

writable = yes
browseable = no
valid users = nick

when I finish to use this disk and I try to umount it samba doesn't release 
this the disk:

umount /media/usb0 (or umount /dev/sdXX)
umount: /media/usb0: device is busy

because --> lsof|grep usb0

smbd      29491       root  cwd       DIR      180,1     102400          
5 /media/usb0

if anybody uses this remote share how I should umount the disk?


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