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Stéphane PURNELLE stephane.purnelle at
Tue Mar 10 15:55:14 GMT 2009


In other word (if I understand), each users (%D%w%S) have access to her 
home directory and postgard group must be able to access to all homes 
folder ?
If you want this, is preferable to create a other share witn the path of 
home directory and put access to postgrad on this share

be carrefull : homes share is particular !

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10/03/2009 16:46:01 :

> Hi All 
> Im my [homes] share i want to have two access rules. First one is
> %D%w%S so that DOMAINdmarkey will only be able to access his own home
> directory and nobody elses 
> But I only want users in the postgrad group to be able to access
> their home directory. 
> How could i implement both rules on the [homes] share? 
> Example: %D%w%S AND @DOMAINPostgrad 
> Any Ideas? 
> Thanks. 
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