[Samba] WinXP3: NBNS query: non-exist; Wireshark: "'NB ?'<00>" & "'NB ?'<20>"

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Tue Mar 10 01:06:42 GMT 2009

I'm getting some odd queries from a WinXPSP3 client to an older samba
(3.2.0-24) Domain & File server running on linux kernel (

The client seems to be querying for a netbios name <literal-question mark>
followed by binary 0 (<00>) to the DomainServer, or Broadcasting the query
with the '?' followed by a space <20>.

This is from conversation over wire captured w/Wireshark.

What is it looking for and how do I config my samba server to answer?

Maybe unrelated question...:
	I've also been getting queries for my Windows Domain "BLISS" (irony)
at my local subdomain "sc.tlinx.org" ('sc' being internal to my net in
SantaCruz).  So "NBNS BLISS.sc.tlinx.org".  Was there some requirement I
missed to have my domain-name ALSO be a Hostname somewhere?   (Because
Domain-Server name has never been the server name in my situation).
	So I get alot of NBNS lookups (also unanswered) for
BLISS.sc.tlinx.org, but I suspect it's likely only tangentially related
to the more perplexing behavior of looking for a "question mark" host.

Thanks for any comprehension assistance! :-)

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