[Samba] Set "hidden" attribute on folder

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Mon Mar 9 10:43:17 GMT 2009

> I have set up a share with "map hidden = yes", "create mask = 0777" 
> and "directory mask = 0777".
> Setting and removing the "hidden" attribute on a file works as 
> expected, but not on folders.
> If I check the unix permissions on the folders, the execute bit is 
> always set for "other".
> Is this not implemented ?
> I know it is possible to manually hide folders by adding them in "hide 
> files", but I would like users and applications to be able to set this 
> attribute themselves.

Use "store dos attributes = Yes" instead. It works as you want.

Please note that the filesystem must be mounted with the mount option 

With this set, you can discard "map read only", "map hidden", "map 
system" and "map archive". It works much better now.

See "man smb.conf"

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