Re2: [Samba] Please help me how to fix "read only" file problem

Jaroslav Fojtik jafojtik at
Sat Mar 7 14:45:26 GMT 2009

Dear Volker Lendecke,

> > >From this point there is no way to handle a file on samba drive.
> > Access is denied. But user "fojtik" still could change right on 
> > Linux site. There is something wrong.
> Try "store dos attributes = yes", given that you have a file
> system mounted with xattrs enabled.
Sorry it does not work:

M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn>attrib *
A          M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn\entries
A          M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn\format

M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn>attrib +r entries

M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn>attrib -r entries
Access denied - M:\ESC_sro\Kancl\.svn\entries

The 'r' attribute IS supported by filesystem, so it seems to be
handled unixy way. But it could be set only and clearing it is not

Where it is set in a source code?

   comment = Home Directories
   store dos attributes = yes
   browseable = yes
   writable = yes


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