[Samba] add/change share script

Mark Casey markc at unifiedgroup.com
Fri Mar 6 23:24:26 GMT 2009


I'm trying to write up new a script for add/change/delete share command, 
cause I think its pretty nifty messing with shares from windows. I wrote 
a test script that just prints the passed parameters to a text file and 
does nothing else. This is what I got from an add attempt.


Would I be correct to assume that the zero on the last line just 
represents that samba made me appear to be root when I did this? (uid=0 
based on a usermap) If not, anyone know what the zero is for? All of the 
others were pretty self explanatory.

Thank you,
Mark Casey

p.s. The newest information I can find on this method was from (at the 
latest) 2006. Please advise if there is a new way to do this; as this is 
just the method I came across first.

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