[Samba] Creating a write-only drop box

Daniel Davidson danield at igb.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 6 16:35:31 GMT 2009


I have historically had drop boxes available to my users, and after a
samba upgrade, I am now experiencing trouble with those.

Each user home directory, linux path /file-server/home/a-m/$username
server path \\file-server\users\a-m\$user, has a drop directory with
path /file-server/home/a-m/drop/$username.  This directory has a
symbolic link named drop in their home directory.  Permissions on
the /file-server/home/a-m/drop/$username folder are 2773.  The idea here
is that users can transfer large files (GB in size) amongst themselves.

        path = /file-server/home
        follow symlinks = yes   
        wide links = yes        
        writeable = yes         
        inherit permissions = yes
        block size = 4096

We recently did a long awaited upgrade to our system that in part
involved upgrading samba, and now our drop directories seem broken, as
in we can no longer drop anything into them.

I found the link below, which describes the problem in detail, but the
solution seems to allow anyone to see what files have been submitted,
and then append to those files.  Which does not seem ideal.


Is there any way to turn off the feature that requires read access to
the directory?  Obviously I could just revert to an earlier version of
samba, but that doesnt sound like a long term solution.  Other solutions
are also welcome, but I would rather not create an additional share,
especially since my users are split between a-m and n-z, I would be
required to make two unless I changed the layout.  


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