[Samba] how to access samba server from remote location

David Wells d.wells at vitalcan.com.ar
Fri Mar 6 14:27:54 GMT 2009

Muthukumaran Saravanan escribió:
> Dear all,
> We have redhat 9 linux server configured with samba server. We have share
> folder in which we have lot of information. We want to all the users from
> our different branch office to access the samba server and share the
> information.
> In the local network we map the samba share folder as a drive. How to do
> the same in the remote location.
> Pls guide me.
> Regards
> M.Saravanan
> 302, Koon Fook Centre,
> 9, Knutsford Terrace,
> T.S.T, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
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I have accomplished this by setting a VPN between the two locations 
using OpenVPN and then setting a PDC+BDC with an OpenLDAP user backend. 
It's all very well explained in the "Samba by example" that you can read 
in the samba site.

Best regards, David Wells.

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