[Samba] VMmware Converter Split into 2GB files - Samba Share

James Robertson JamesR at 3rdmill.com.au
Thu Mar 5 10:03:52 GMT 2009

I have an Ubuntu 8.04.2 Linux Server setup with Samba installed with
Ubuntu Version 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.4


I have setup a samba share for a Windows 2000 Server to perform a P2V
(Physical to Virtual) conversion of it to the Samba Share.


When going through the conversion process using Vmware converter on the
Windows 2000 machine I point the destination to the samba share but it
does not allow me to unselect the option to "split into 2GB files".  I
want to use a single large file for the VM.


The file system on the Linux server where the samba share is located is


Is this something to do with Samba perhaps appearing as a file system
with a file size limit of 2GB?  If so how do I resolve it? 



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