[Samba] Can't modify ms word files with samba 3.3

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Mar 4 18:17:45 GMT 2009

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 06:56:40PM +0100, Michele Petrazzo - Unipex srl wrote:
> François Legal wrote:
> Same here.
> My env are all inside virtualized machines: win2k server, debian lenny with
> 3.3.1 as "servers" and joined into win2k domain, win2k pro and win xp pro
> (both joined) as clients.
> I have 1 share (called test) where I made my tests.
> xp  has office 2k7 and OpenOffice.org 3
> win2k has office 2k and OOo.org 3
> (all the tests are with the same user logged on into the domain)
> xp can create folders/files on share and can modify them with all the
> programs, except office 2k7. with it, I receive an "Access Deny"
> with OOo.org all works
> win2k can do anything with OOo.org and with office 2k
> files saved with office2k can be opened with office xp but not saved
> OOo.org can open and save the .doc files created with the 2k
> OOo.org can use the "share spreadsheet" function without problem!
> From my test appear that there is a problem only with 2k7
> If you need I can send you the debug with level 10
> P.s. I can also share my environment with the developers since are all
> in vbox! Contact me for that.

Ok, that's very helpful and also tells me why I've
seen few problem reports of this.

Can you try the test patch for 3.3.1 I just
published ? A wireshark trace between Office2K7
and a Windows server would also be very helpful.



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