[Samba] problem when PDC machine name equals domain name

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Wed Mar 4 13:19:26 GMT 2009

Hi there,
I am trying to learn samba, ldap and co.

now I installed a test  net consisting from three computers

haydn: this is the pdc with haydn.redcor.home (ip
memphis: tis is a windows box -> memhis.redcor.home (ip
chrissy: this is a unix box -> chrissy.redcor.home (ip

dns server, ldap-server and samba are all running on haydn.

on haydn samba is running as pdc with a domain name HAYDN.

I could add memphis to the domain. but when I boot windows I get an err "this
name is alredy used in the network" (or some such, it is in german).

in the windows error log I find an error 4321 stating that the name 'HAYDN  ':0
could not be registered with  ip ip vetoed the use of
this name.

my real problem is: I could join the domain, but when I want to log into the
domain, I get an error stating  that domain haydn could not be found.

is it not possible, that a machine name and a the domain name are the same?

thanks for your help


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